Master Every Aspect of Putting

Black Hole Putter swing trainers infused with infrared technology are the template for a tour caliber stroke. Dual laser beams integrated with reflectors on the floor and wall lead the way through all 3 sequences of the putting stroke.




Black Hole Putters official membership partner of Hurricane Junior Golf Tour HJGT

Milled Face Putters

Our milled face putters are designed to absorb the vibration from impact and promote end over end topspin on the putt. 

Swing Path Guide

The distinguishing RED and WHITE sight lines characteristic to our swing trainers match up to the RED and WHITE guidelines on the Swing Path Guide. Execute picture perfect putting strokes by keeping the white lines overlapping and the laser beams pointed at the red lines.

Impact Guide

Impact Guides register the downswing at the point of impact or position "0" on the Swing Path Guide. Follow-through on target and on plane by keeping the lasers travelling up the guidelines. Feel how and when the clubface releases in your hands. 


Work out with our swing trainer at least ten to fifteen minutes a day, a few times a week. Follow the guides as closely as possible, with or without a ball.

Quality repetitions are the key to muscle memory so each swing should be fluid and precise. This guarantees the putting stroke mechanics built during practice transition seamlessly to the golf course.