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Black Hole Putters

Impact Guide

Impact Guide

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Similar in purpose to an Impact Bag, the Impact Guide is for proper positioning when making contact with the ball. The graphics on the Impact Guide interact with the beams from swing trainers at impact.

Keep the beams aimed at the bullseye for an ideal launch angle. The top of the orange bullseye is 5° and ideal for slower greens; the blue bullseye is 3° and ideal for faster greens.

The verical lines guide the direction of the beams when completing the final sequence of the putting stroke. A square follow-through send the beams travelling straight up the middle, while an inside follow-through will turn. 

Practice the guided putting stroke at least ten to fifteen minutes a day, a few times a weak. Recording the Impact Guide during practice sessions captures valuable swing metrics. See for yourself how to fix and maintain a pure putting stroke. 



  • Material: Foamcore 
  • Mount: Easel
  • Size: Height 24inches /60.9 cm x Width 18inches / 45.7cm  
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